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◆ Height: 215cm x Width: 49cm x Depth: 28cm

Wind Sculpture - Blurple by Omni is a stunning outdoor art installation that embodies the beauty and power of the wind. The sculpture is made of high-quality materials and expertly crafted, featuring a series of thin metal blades that are arranged in a mesmerizing spiral pattern. The Blurple sculpture is designed to capture the wind's movement and transform it into a graceful and dynamic display of light and motion. As the wind blows through the sculpture's blades, they twist and turn, creating a sense of fluidity and grace that is truly captivating. This Wind Sculpture - Blurple by Omni is the perfect addition to any outdoor space, be it a garden, park, or other public areas. It is a testament to the beauty of nature and the power of art, offering a sense of serenity and calmness to anyone who encounters it. The sculpture's sleek and modern design adds an element of sophistication to any environment, while its ability to respond to the wind adds a touch of whimsy and joy. Wind Sculpture - Blurple by Omni is a true masterpiece that blends the natural elements of wind and metal into a breathtaking and harmonious design. Overall, Wind Sculpture - Blurple by Omni is a beautiful work of art that brings a sense of wonder and awe to any outdoor space. Its combination of elegant design and fluid movement is sure to mesmerize and inspire all who encounter i

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