Wind Sculpture Instructions

1. Identify all components on the list. 

2. Assemble all parts loosely. Basic tools are required. (NOT SUPPLIED). 

3. Once you have all the parts in the correct positions, unscrew nuts and add a drop or two of Thread Lock (included) to the end of each bolt of screw thread (fig.1). and on the end of the threaded rod in the main stem (fig.2) as you assemble the parts. 

4. ***Note: The tube of Threadlock included is more than enough to assemble one wind sculpture.***

5. Threadlock will set within approx. 5 mins. 

6. After all components are fitted correctly, tighten all nuts, bolts and screws. 

7. Some nuts have a blue plastic insert. This is a locking washer. They will require extra effort to tighten up. But once firm, (do not over tighten), these lock nuts should not come loose. 

a. These locking nuts don't require thread lock to be applied. 

8. To increase longevity, we recommend the following: 

a. That you check all threaded pieces periodically and retighten if required. 

b. In strong winds, please remove the top section and store indoors to prevent damage. 

9. Spray product periodically with a silicone type spray (readily available from your hardware store), to help protect against the weather. 

10. Product may weather when left outside. The blades on your wind sculpture may spin in different directions and speeds depending on the direction and force of the wind.