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Overview: STANDIT™ is a reliable and robust solution designed to enhance safety and efficiency on construction sites. Originally created by builders in August 2013, this innovative device was developed to address the dangers associated with vertically stored sheets of plasterboard, protecting workers and materials from potential harm.

Key Features:

  1. Impressive Load Capacity: STANDIT™  boasts an impressive load capacity, with the ability to support up to 500kg per device, making it a formidable ally for heavy-duty tasks.

  2. Sturdy Setup: Before placement, consult with a registered engineer to ensure a rated, level surface. This guarantees optimal stability and performance.

  3. Versatile Placement: While it's essential to set up STANDIT™  on a level surface, it's not suitable for soft ground, such as a front lawn, as it may lead to instability.

  4. Warranty: You can trust in the quality of STANDIT™ , as it comes with a generous 24-month warranty covering both parts and workmanship.

  5. Award-Winning Safety: STANDIT™  was recognized for its commitment to safety in the construction industry, receiving the Excellence in the NZIOB Health and Safety Category award in August 2021.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Place STANDIT™ devices at 1.2m centers in a straight line, ensuring compliance with design and engineer-sanctioned test results.
  • Utilize the safety pole to establish precise centers and maintain the ideal distance between devices.
  • When setting up STANDIT™ in a room, position the units 1m clear from a wall, allowing for work to continue behind the device.
  • In main throughfares like building corridors, set up just clear of the wall lining to facilitate easy access for sheet handling


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