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Viking Yard Broom - Bassine Fill with Cane Front - 355mm - VTBY2

Viking Yard Broom - Bassine Fill with Cane Front - 355mm - VTBY2

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◆Durable Bassine Fill with Cane Front
◆Wide 355mm Width for Efficient Sweeping
◆Sturdy Construction for Reliable Performance

Introducing the Viking Yard Broom, your ultimate companion for outdoor cleaning tasks. This essential tool is meticulously designed to cater to outdoor environments, ensuring that your yard, garden, and outdoor spaces remain impeccable and inviting.

The Viking Yard Broom stands distinguished by its durable bassine fill with a cane front, combining flexibility with robust strength. This unique blend guarantees enduring performance, effortlessly tackling even the most stubborn outdoor debris.

Covering an expansive 355mm width, this broom maximizes efficiency by sweeping a substantial area in each pass. Its prowess lies in effectively clearing leaves, dirt, and debris from various outdoor surfaces, rejuvenating them to a clean and fresh state.

Built with unwavering construction, the Viking Yard Broom thrives in outdoor conditions, delivering consistent and reliable performance. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, enabling extended usage without discomfort.

Versatility defines this broom's character. Suitable for yards, gardens, patios, and beyond, it seamlessly upholds the cleanliness and order of your outdoor spaces with minimal effort.

Embrace the Viking Yard Broom (Model: VTBY2) as your trusted ally in outdoor cleaning. Witness the remarkable quality, durability, and reliability it brings to your outdoor maintenance routine. Elevate the beauty and tidiness of your outdoor spaces with the Viking Yard Broom by your side

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