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Viking Industrial Broom - Stiff Black Poly Fill - 760mm - VTBI1

Viking Industrial Broom - Stiff Black Poly Fill - 760mm - VTBI1

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◆Stiff Black Poly Fill Bristles for Robust Cleaning
◆Wide 760mm Width for Large Area Coverage
◆Sturdy Construction for Durability

Introducing the Viking Industrial Broom, your unwavering partner for conquering heavy-duty cleaning tasks in industrial landscapes. This broom is meticulously crafted to combat robust messes, armed with stiff black poly fill bristles that guarantee unparalleled sweeping power.

With its impressive 760mm width, the Viking Industrial Broom effortlessly blankets expansive areas, streamlining your cleaning endeavors by significantly reducing the time required.

When the battle involves stubborn dirt, debris, and industrial messes, the Viking Industrial Broom rises to the occasion. Its robust construction is synonymous with durability and longevity, rendering it unfazed by rigorous use and unforgiving conditions. Be it warehouses, workshops, or diverse industrial setups, this broom takes charge of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

The ergonomic handle amplifies user comfort, facilitating extended usage without compromise. The fusion of a robust design and stiff bristles equips this broom to vanquish even the most challenging cleaning tasks with grace and efficiency.

Model: VTBI1 embodies your choice for an unparalleled and dependable industrial cleaning tool. Embark on an elevated cleaning experience by investing in the Viking Industrial Broom, where exceptional performance and longevity await. Let this broom redefine industrial cleaning, simplifying the toughest challenges with a blend of power and durability.

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