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◆Durable Carbon Steel Head

◆Innovative Hollow Fiberglass Handle

◆25-Year Guarantee

Introducing the Viking 3 Tyne Cultivator, a garden tool that stands as a testament to durability, innovation, and reliability. Crafted for garden enthusiasts and professionals alike, this cultivator is designed to elevate your gardening experience.

Equipped with a robust carbon steel head, the cultivator effortlessly breaks up soil, aerates, and loosens compacted earth, preparing your garden for planting. Its versatility extends to flower beds, vegetable gardens, and more.

The 'hollow core' fiberglass handle is a masterpiece of engineering, offering exceptional strength while minimizing hand fatigue during prolonged use. This innovation reduces the tool's overall weight, enhancing maneuverability.

Efficiency and durability are at the heart of this cultivator. The three precisely spaced tynes optimize each pass, ensuring excellent cultivation. The ergonomically designed handle guarantees a comfortable and secure grip, while the carbon steel head is easy to clean and maintain.

With the Viking 3 Tyne Cultivator, you gain more than just a tool – you gain peace of mind. Backed by a 25-year guarantee, this cultivator promises enduring performance, assuring the quality of its construction.

In conclusion, the Viking 3 Tyne Cultivator is a premium garden tool designed to facilitate your gardening ambitions effortlessly. Its carbon steel head, 'hollow core' fiberglass handle, and 25-year guarantee combine to create a tool that offers reliability, longevity, and exceptional performance season after season.

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