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◆ Height: 57 x Width: 49.5 x Depth: 44.5cm


The Robin Water Feature, crafted from premium polyresin, embellishes any outdoor haven. Its lifelike stone finish exudes timeless charm. With built-in lights and a 12-month warranty, this serene addition boasts a tranquil ambiance as water cascades down tiers, creating a visual spectacle. This feature, depicting a robin on a rock, fosters a calming atmosphere, masking unwanted noise with the soothing sound of flowing water. The submersible pump ensures seamless operation and the 10m power cord offers installation flexibility. Its durable, weather-resistant build guarantees longevity. This whimsical yet durable feature makes a perfect gift for nature enthusiasts and bird lovers. Its charming design captivates guests, serving as a striking focal point in any outdoor setting. With a 12-month warranty, indulge in this enduring addition to your garden today!

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