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1160mm (H) x 185mm (W) x 50mm (D), 1.85kg

Forged from robust carbon steel

◆Comfortable T-grip enhances control.

A longer version of the DeWit 4 prong digging fork – sharp, strong and a great all-rounder for digging, lifting, turning and aerating soil, as well as harvesting potatoes and other root crops. Forged from robust carbon steel, the sharp tempered tines slide into soil with little effort, making it easier to turn over your plot. The long steel collet ensures a strong connection between shaft and head, providing superior impact resistance and durability. As wooden handles naturally shrink over time, a locking nut fixes the head in place – letting you simply re-tighten it to keep the tool solid and strong. The strong but lightweight ash hardwood handle has natural elasticity, allowing the fork to bend without breaking when working in heavy soil. Finished with a comfortable T-grip. Features and Benefits: • Created from the best steel and by the best craftsman in the world • The steel is forged and hardened and the original DeWit finishing makes it to a perfect help in your garden • T handle gives extra grip • Lifetime guarantee Reorder code: 5102

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